Julie Parache, Natural childbirth education.
Individual attention + Expert instruction = Hundreds of satisfied new parents. Give birth naturally using the Bradley Method®.

Julie Parache, a certified Bradley Method® childbirth instructor in Chicago, has been teaching families about natural childbirth since 2001. Her focus on the anatomy of labor and delivery, nutrition throughout pregnancy, and relaxation techniques has helped many couples enter the birthing process with the confidence they need to avoid unnecessary medical intervention. In her classes, you will learn:

> what to expect in the natural course of a birth
> how to avoid unnecessary pain in labor
> how your coach can best support you

Women are extremely vulnerable when in labor. Having a coach who understands the process, the relaxation techniques, and effective labor and birth positioning is key. At the end of the 12-week session your understanding will be comprehensive: including avoiding unnecessary C-section, postpartum care, nursing, and taking care of baby.

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