Julie Parache, Natural childbirth education.
“If you are a non-husband coach, please forgive my old-fashioned way of referring to the ‘husband’ as coach. The message is the same.”
~ Dr. Robert Bradley (circa 1996)

Who is the husband of husband-coached birthing?
The term “husband-coached” may be off-putting for some. One should keep in mind that it reflects the language of the 1940s. But make no mistake, Dr. Bradley’s ultimate concern was for the welfare of the laboring woman and infant she will bear—his teachings are as valid and important today as they were 60 years ago. Dr. Bradley and his methods have been instrumental in helping to “turn back the clock” on medicalized birth, and to re-establish a trust in the inherent ability of a woman’s body to give birth naturally.

Dr. Bradley, who practiced medicine for 38 years and attended over 23,000 births, was an obstetrical innovator. His gift to pregnant women the world over is this basic concept: “the female will be more able to fully come into herself or focus on her body in labor, if she is tended to by another who knows and loves her.” Therefore, the term “husband” refers to ANYONE you want to support you or be with you at the birth. That person will be most helpful to the birthing process if they attend the classes with you and receive the education as well.

Dr. Bradley focused on care from “the husband” as an alternative to care from “the doctor.” He realized that the doctor-patient relationship is not an intimate one, like that between a woman and her mother, her partner or her husband. The forces imposed by an institutional organization such as a hospital need to be mediated by someone intimate with the pregnant woman who can advocate for her from a position of love.

The famous quote, “Pregnant women are not sick, they’re pregnant,” reflected Dr. Bradley’s concern for a generation of women who’d lost control of their own birthing process with the development of institutional medicine after WWII. He was a doctor who routinely saw fathers banned from the delivery room. He was a doctor who watched nurses discourage breastfeeding for the first time in history. He was a doctor who saw the negative effects of routine practices like forceps delivery and decided that he would teach women a better way. He decided to become a doctor who “attends the birth,” not “takes over the birth.” And he would be a doctor that included the father in the birthing process—allowing him to support the mother and bond with his baby.

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